Student Led Workshops

FRIDAY 2nd November 14:45 – 15:30

Mindfulness & Bringing Social Emotional Learning to the Classroom
A lot of attention is paid to student emotional development in elementary school, and to a lesser extent in middle school. In high school, most of this attention is paid towards students who are seen as needing “special guidance”. But, all teachers can practice techniques to develop socio-emotional health to the betterment of all students, no matter who they are. And all students can benefit from these techniques to navigate through what is for many a stressful time in school.

Teachers who are interested in helping students become more focused, experience more engagement in the classroom and live happier lives outside of them. Teachers interested in how they can improve student socio-emotional health and want to hear a student perspective

Teachers will learn how

  • they can implement mindfulness in the classroom.
  • student socio-emotional health empowers learning
Creating Student Agency Through Presentations of Learning
How might we allow students to display their learning in a way that allows the students to take ownership and guide the experience? And why is this even necessary? This session will explore the necessity, effectiveness, and practicality of student-driven POLs (Presentations of Learning) through the case study of a student-run TEDx event for teachers that have little to no experience with this medium of education.

High school and middle school teachers.


  • Teachers are informed about the concept of student-driven POLs and their necessity in an education environment.
  • Teachers are aware of one possible avenue to do this (TEDx).
  • Teachers are aware of effective strategies and practices when working with students to create a POL event.


Integrated Sciences: How to prepare future STEM students
In our world today, the integration of multiple STEM disciplines is important for students to understand and to be exposed to. It is often difficult for students to see applications of STEM disciplines without allowing students to explore how STEM disciplines can be interweaved together. I hope during this session you will feel inspired to be a part of the movement to help STEM students understand and explore their future in STEM.

STEM Teachers

Giving an outline that allows teachers to either apply their class to their school courses or on an online platform.


Bullet Journaling: A Twist on Everyday Organization
In this workshop we will introduce the art of bullet journaling through examples ours, and encourage new ways of organization that not only makes your life more orderly, but expresses your creativity.

High school teachers

Teachers will learn new ways of organization that is progressively becoming common among high school / college students.


Connecting Students to their Host Culture in an International School Environment

How might we connect international students to the cultures of their host country? This workshop will delve into the numerous opportunities ASIJ provides to students, and how they enrich the student experience through opportunities to experience traditional Japanese culture.


  • HS teachers
  • Administration


  • Teachers and admin will be inspired to incorporate their host cultures into student life.
    • Schools will actively seek ways to connect with communities outside of their schools.
    • Schools will be able to incorporate aspects of host cultures into the curriculum 
Startups in the classroom

A 2017 Report by Dell Technologies estimates that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. Students now, more than ever, need to know how to think, problem-solve, and adapt to any situation they may be presented with in the future.

Teachers should take steps to encourage entrepreneurial skills into their classrooms to help students find different avenues to solve global issues.

Middle School / Highschool (Freshmen, Sophmore)

Different activities, projects, and programs that can be utilized in classrooms to teach student’s innovative and entrepreneurial skills. Introduction of NOVA and how they can be implemented into schools.

AppLab! =D

Sean and Hinoto:
In this workshop, we will show you how we made our “Sodium Tracker” app. Whether you are an experienced coder or not, don’t hesitate to come here! We will teach you how our app was made. After that, we will have you think of a problem in this world, and discuss how you could solve the problem by building an App! Coding is beautiful because there are no limits to what you can make.

We will also show how to apply Xcode for other everyday items, such as calculating the compound interest rate of a bank deposit!


  • People interested in App-building
  • Coders: Any level


  • Teach people how we made our apps (show the basics of coding) 
  • Perhaps, if time is available, we can teach how to make a very simple hello world app, along with basic button functions and outlets
  • Have the people think about how they could use/ make an app to solve the problems in the world (possibly brainstorm about ideas?)
  • Provide people with information about downloading Xcode and good tutorials if they are interested.
Turning a Passion Into a Profit

This workshop is going to be about why I started baking, when, and how it has affected me. I will be talking about how I developed my business, and how it has affected my day to day life. I will also be talking about how baking and treats bring people together.

General Audience

 hope that after this presentation/workshop, the teachers can see that ordinary kids like me can have an interesting passion, and that teenagers don’t always have to be on their phones, or fit into the “box” that people generally put them in.


Exploring Self-motivated Learning through the IMPACT Program
Is the traditional academic approach preventing students from reaching their highest potential? This new approach can motivate students to equip new knowledges and skills at school for lifelong learning.

Teachers from Elementary to University level


  • Teachers are inspired to incorporate methodology of student-oriented learning
  • School admin might consider implementing more student-oriented curriculums
Service project about collecting furniture and home appliances for children leaving foster homes when they are 18.

Service leaders in High School/ Teachers facilitating service projects, Teachers from Japanese schools


  • Identify problems within their local community that they can help alleviate
  • Learn more about the issue of children living in foster homes/ SUDACHI Project
  • Working with a lot of people to work towards one common goal is so much fun!
Tohoku Virtual English Class (TVEC): students helping students Via Skype

TVEC is a program where ASIJ students teach English to elementary school students in Tohoku via Skype half hour sessions. Come learn about how TVEC has benefited both schools and how to get a program like this started at your school. You will also get to watch a live lesson!

MS/HS service club sponsors, those interested in interacting with the host country (regardless of distance)


Inspire others to consider a similar activity in their location

  • Strategies will be shared that:
    • Provide opportunities for students to engage in teaching opportunities
    • Facilitate inter-school collaboration with host country schools
    • Leverage funding opportunities from partner sources
AntBoy Presents: Designing the Perfect Formicarium
Are you anti-ant? You won’t be after experiencing AntBoy’s infectious enthusiasm for ants and other insects. He will share fun bug trivia that you can teach to your students, and show how he applied his knowledge and experience to the design of a unique formicarium (ant farm). You will walk away from this workshop with a new appreciation for our fascinating and misunderstood insect friends.

General audience, especially Science, Design and ES teachers

Participants will walk away from this workshop with a new appreciation for our insect friends, fun trivia to share with their students, and a stronger understanding of the lives and environments of ants and other insects.

Noteworthy: Spice Up Your Students’ Note Taking!
Need ways to spice up your students note taking? They’re many different ways to do that, and we will explain them in this presentation.

In this workshop, we will go over and review the importance of utilizing Sketch notes and Cornell notes in our education. We will also guide the audience on how to make sketchnotes and different ways you can do so.

Middle and high school teachers

Teachers will learn about different styles of note taking.

Creating Inspiration for Motivation
Learn how to give students more motivation to finish projects and make it more fun for them to do. Learn how art can go with any subject. This hands-on workshop will show you many ways you can incorporate art into your curriculum. Explore different ways to represent learning through arts and crafts.

General audience

Learn how to give students more motivation to finish projects and make it more fun for them to do. Learn how arts and crafts can enhance any subject.

VEX Robotics
See the VEX Robots in action presented by the VEX Robotics club from ASIJ

General audience


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