What you need before you can register:


  1. Choose 2 Extended Sessions (one for Friday and one for Saturday)
  2. Choose your PreConference (if you like to attend on Thursday from 10:00AM – 04:00PM),
  3. Credit Card
  4. EARCOS SCHOOLS have a $30 reduced price, please use relevant reservation category.
  5. Participants attending the PreConference should aim to arrive at SA by 9:00 AM on Thursday 12th November
  6. The main conference will start Thursday 12th November 4:00 PM and ends on Saturday evening
  7. Schools registering more than 10 participants may contact the organiser for group invoice/registration at:
  8. If you have any questions please email
L2 Threads  find out more here :

Add potential questions to our list (link to follow) or vote for those you want to give priority to. Before the start of the conference your will choose your L2 Thread from the selection of the top 15-20 topics as developed through the voting platform.


Abbreviations: WS= Whole School, HS= High School, MS=Middle School, ES=Elementary School, EY=Early Years



Conference Fees 2019 – Fees for 2020 will be similar


Early Bird Registration:  $499.00 (closes 15th June 2019)
Early Bird Registration with PreConference: $ 625.00 (closes 15th June 2019)
Registration: $550.00
Registration with PreConference: $ 675.00
EARCOS Schools enjoy a $30 discount on all ticket categories


Registration Transfer Policy

Registration may be transferred to another teacher at your school free of charge up until October 1, 2019. After that a small service fee may apply. The new participant will be given the same sessions that the original participant chose and he/she may edit those sessions if space permits. The new participant should also update any cohort and dietary information as appropriate.

To request a transfer, please send the full name and email address of both the original participant and the new participant to with the subject line “Registration Transfer”.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you are unable to transfer your registration, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • Full refund before July 15, 2020 (less $50 handling fee)
  • 50% refund before August 20, 2020 (less $50 handling fee)
No refund after August 20, 2020

    All refunds are exclusive the approx. 4.5% Eventbrite Fees, separately visible on your registration ticket


Learning2 is a not-for-profit organisation. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the conference due to circumstances beyond our control, we will aim to refund a significant percentage of the registration fees. Should unexpected low numbers of participants result in a cancellation we will give full refund of the registration fees. In either case, we will be unable to refund any travel, visa  or accommodation expenses.  In the event of low numbers for a specific session, or the unavailability of a presenter, participants may choose from any of the other sessions on offer. 

Privacy/User Data Policy

The data we collect as part of the registration process is primarily used to place participants into extended sessions and cohorts and for communication purposes. We share your data with our committee, conference leaders and presenters. We may use the data to inform participants of future events and for demographic analysis. For any post-conference mass email communications we use marketing tools that provide recipients with an opt-out clause. Our detailed privacy policy can be found here. 

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