Math for the modern day classroom

Math for the modern day classroom

Mathematics is a class that every student needs to take, yet many loath it. This session will look at ways to redefine math class, making it more engaging and energised. Discussing and sharing ideas and resources from people such as Jo Boaler, Dan Meyer & Robert Kaplinsky.  With topics and strategies relevant to in person and online situations.

Session Audience:

Elementary, Middle school, High school, Curriculum leaders, Design and STEM/STEAM, Math & Science, Tech coaches, coordinators, integrators, etc

Session Goals:

  • Participants will learn about strategies and tools that they can apply to their teaching context.

  • They will gain a greater understanding of different approaches to teaching mathematics.

  • Participants will experience hands-on examples of activities and a toolbox of practical and connected approaches to teaching and learning.

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore variations to teaching mathematics in today’s environment

  • Discuss tips and strategies to provide a better experiences for students

  • Take away a variety of resources to be utilised for teaching

  • Create a plan to take back to their team

Presenter Bio:

After teaching in Australia as a Math, PDHPE, World Studies and IT teacher in both Middle and High Schools, I moved to Indonesia as a Middle School math teacher at Jakarta Intercultural school, where I took on the role as department lead. Now teaching Math/Science at Seoul Foreign School in South Korea trying to improve attitudes towards math everywhere.