Improving My EdTech Skills - A Workshop for Building Educators’ Digital Literacy

Improving My EdTech Skills - A Workshop for Building Educators’ Digital Literacy

The Learning Technology Framework is an interactive guide for step-by-step improvement in digital learning for educators with a rubric for self-assessment. This framework outlines the Educational Technology concepts teachers need to be digitally literate educators while giving them specific actions to take to build their professional skills. In this session, we will investigate the seven areas of The Learning Technology Framework – Learning, Leading, Operating, Citizenship, Collaborating, Designing, Teaching – and work with participants to self-assess their current digital literacy skills. Working in groups, participants will then work to build a professional learning plan for skills development.

Session Audience:

Elementary, Middle school, High school, Arts, PE, Music, Curriculum leaders, Design and STEM/STEAM, English / Language Arts, Humanities, Information literacy / Library, EAL, Math & Science, School leaders, Tech coaches, coordinators, integrators, etc, Whole school / anyone

Session Goals:

  • To give educators a theoretical and practical understanding of Learning Technology. Rarely do they get the practical tied to the theoretical in a way that allows them to move self-assess and forward plan.

Session Outcomes:

  • Empowerment for professional growth

  • Self-actualization in digital literacy

  • knowledge development in Learning Technology

  • Planning for growth and improvement

Presenter Bio:

Matt Harris, Ed.D.’s experience and expertise lie at the nexus of technology, schools, and the global education landscape. Currently, Dr. Harris works as an international educational consultant and as Co-Founder and CEO of

In his consulting work, Dr. Harris has helped schools, districts, and educational technology companies with educational technology strategic planning, market penetration, growth, systems design, training, and program development. He has worked with organizations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Australia, and Asia. He also shares his expertise through his written works in various publications and online social channels. Dr. Harris is a frequent keynote speaker on e-learning, educational technology, and international education at events worldwide. He holds numerous academic degrees related to the field, including an Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Previously, Dr. Harris worked as an educational leader and teacher having taught all grade levels from preschool to graduate school in technology and mathematics. He worked as a senior administrator in schools and universities in North America and Asia. He was a contributor to New Media Consortium Horizon Report and served as Chair of the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

Currently, he serves as an advisor or board member for several EdTech companies, both large and small. He serves on the advisory board for the COSN Driving K-12 Innovation Project and as an advisor to several EdTech companies. Dr. Harris has been recognized for his contributions to educational technology and international education through several awards and commendations. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Google Certified Innovator, and Common Sense Education Ambassador.