Digital Wellness: Tools to help you stay in the moment

Digital Wellness: Tools to help you stay in the moment

We have all been there… we watch one video clip and the next thing we know an hour has gone by and we haven’t moved off the couch. Tech companies design their products to keep us connected to our devices instead of connected in real life but now things are changing. Companies are designing tools that help us create our own limits.

How can we leverage these tools to help students (and let’s be honest- ourselves!) to be intentional about technology use and create digital wellness in our lives.

What is digital wellness? Using technology in an intentional way that allows us to have balance in our online and offline lives.

In this session, we’ll discuss ways to create digital wellness. We’ll explore screen time management tools and mindfulness exercises to help yourself and students stay present in the moment.

Session Audience:

Whole School 

Session Goals:

  • Participants will learn about the importance of digital wellness and leveraging tools for intentional technology use.

Session Outcomes:

  • Discuss digital wellness and the need for balance
  • Explore screen time management tools
  • Participate in mindfulness activities

Presenter Bio:

Heather Breedlove is passionate about using technology to help students engage and create. She is a Google Innovator, Google Trainer, and Google Product Expert for Education. As a Digital Learning Coach at Seoul Foreign School, she works with teachers to provide innovative learning experiences for students. Currently, she is piloting a mindfulness program for elementary students. Online, you can find her on Twitter, and offline she reads paper books while drinking iced coffee.