Learning 'It's All Fun and Games'

Learning 'It's All Fun and Games'

Teachers are continually searching for new and interesting ways to engage their learners within their classroom. Through this session participants will explore a wide variety of games that can be used within the classroom to engage deep thinking skills throughout different content areas. Game-based learning not only allows for students to explore new concepts, but also to apply existing knowledge in new ways, all while developing game strategies and social skills. Teachers will develop hands-on tactile resources that motivate students to engage in social interaction, problem solving and movement.

In response to our ‘new’ ways of teaching through technology time will also be spent developing online methods of delivering game-based learning during this time. This will include games using web-based tools and kinesthetic activities to help students move during Online School. 

The session will be broken into three parts including understanding the teaching strategies, practical game time where participants will play a range of games, and lastly time spent developing their own game for their teaching.

The teachers from any division will be able to take away from this session. Audiences from across subject areas will engage in example games that will cover a range of subjects including Visual Arts, Drama, Physical Education, English, Humanities etc.

Session Audience:

Primary, Middle & High school, Arts, English / Language Arts, Humanities, Information literacy / Library, EAL, Math & Science

Session Goals:

  • Through practical and hands-on experiences participants will better understand how games can be used as an educational tool.

  • Participants will be able to apply teaching strategies that involve games within the classroom.

  • Participants will be able to develop games that help students learn within their own teaching domain.

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants will create and develop their own games they can bring into their face-to-face as well as online classroom after the session.

  • Participants will connect and share with other teachers their strategies for using game-based learning in their classroom.

Presenter Bio:

I am an art educator that is always experimenting new ways to engage my students’ learning. Both my experiences of in-person as well as Online School has widened my range of game-based learning. I am currently teaching High School Art at an American International School in Hong Kong as well as developing their Advisory Program as the Homeroom Advisory & Student Wellness Coordinator.