The Power of Peer Coaching

The Power of Peer Coaching

Bill Gates says, “Everyone needs a coach.” In fact, every teacher can be a coach and the most powerful learning happens in your classroom, alongside your students. In this workshop, you’ll learn how you can create powerful coaching partnerships and focus on specific problems of practice in your classroom. You’ll explore the fundamentals of Jim Knight’s Impact Cycle and develop your tools as a coach. You’ll engage in interactive exchanges and conversations to develop your coaching skills and try out structured conversations. You’ll come away with simple structured conversations to try out with your colleagues, co-teachers or teams to enhance student learning and support your professional goals.

Session Audience:

Whole School curriculum leaders, School leaders, Tech coaches, coordinators, integrators, etc, anyone

Session Goals:

  • Understand the key elements of the Impact Cycle (developed by Jim Knight)

  • Learn simple structured coaching conversations

  • Have a greater understanding of key coaching tools

  • Understand how coaching conversations can enhance practice

Session Outcomes:

  • Engage in structured coaching conversations

  • Develop a greater understanding of key coaching tools

  • Identify the key elements of the Impact Cycle (developed by Jim Knight)

Presenter Bio:

Cheryl Terry is a Learning Innovation Coach in the Elementary School at NIST International School in Bangkok. She has 16 years of experience working in international schools in Thailand, China, Belgium and Hong Kong. Cheryl is passionate about empowering teachers and students to transform learning. She has led workshops and given presentations on ‘Creating Self-Directed Learners’, ‘Metacognition and Mindfulness’, ‘Transforming Learning Through Technology’, ‘Creating Digital Portfolios’, ‘Parenting in the Digital Age’, ‘Leading and Sustaining Innovation in Schools’ and ‘Exploring Computer Science Experiences in the Elementary School’, as well as co-teaching Cognitive Coaching workshops.