Arrival Information 


Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG)

A taxi to the conference hotel or school is about RMB200.00 and takes about 1hour

Subway/Public Transport

Staton at the hotel : Suning HQ/ XuZhuang on Line 4

Station at the school : Xuezelu on Line 2

From Hotel to School by Subway : 12 mins. with one interchange at RMB2.0

From Airport to Hotel by Subway:  90 mins. with two – three interchanges at RMB8.00

It is best to download the app for Nanjing Subway to give you all the details and connections :

Apple :

Android :


The Chinese RMB (or Yuan, also known as CNY) is China’s currency. The exchange rate is approximately 7 RMB to the US Dollar, or 7.8 RMB to the Euro. China is relatively affordable for dining out or taking taxis in comparison to Western countries.

Exchange Options:

Money exchange services are readily available upon arrival in the airport. Beyond that you will find International ATM’s across the city.

Credit Card/ATM:

ATMs are generally fairly easy to find in most areas of Nanjing. Foreign credit cards are generally accepted, especially Visa and Mastercard. Cards like American Express are a little more risky.


Please be aware that certain internet restrictions apply within China.


If you need/want a SIM card, please purchase at the airport on arrival; HOWEVER, please note that this is not an easy process and you will need a passport and need to complete all sorts of paperwork.

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