Local Transportation



Buses will run from Conference Hotel & East Xujing Subway Station to/from school


Like many big Asian cities, traffic jams are not a rare occurrence, especially during peak hours (from 7.30 to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm), on Friday afternoons, and in case of rain.

To travel to and from the school, we recommend taking the conference shuttle or a taxi. Taxis are relatively inexpensive and very safe. More than 50,000 taxis are serving Shanghai. The fares start at rates of 14 CNY during the day, and 18 CNY at nighttime. Always insist on the meter.

Please keep in mind: China is not an Uber friendly country. You should be able to get a taxi from the hotel reception. However, away from the hotel it is rare to see a taxi stand/line in Shanghai, taxis are hailed on the roads. During bad weather taxis can become very scarce.

Shanghai Subway System

The public transportation system is very well developed in Shanghai, with 16 lines servicing the whole city. The closest subway station from the school is a 20-minute taxi ride away, but conference buses will be offered from/to East Xujing on Line2. Fares are rather inexpensive, from 3 to 6RMB for a single journey. A ride from East Xujing to East Nanjing Lu (near the Bund) will take you about 35 mins and will be much faster than a taxi during peak hours.






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